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Facilities in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Bali and Armenia. We study and train in Asia and Europe. We speak 3 languages: English, Thai, Russian. After all, comfortable design is communication
International level
interior design
We solve difficulties day in and day out. In touch 24/7. In-depth briefing to identify your explicit and hidden needs. Optional remote format to provide you with the best designers. We adjust the project until you say, "Yes, this is 100% mine"
An approach to work that has no analogues in Thailand
We will conduct a detailed interview, identify your expectations for the interior, including subconscious ones. Let's select a designer with a similar communication style. The choice of style with the authors of more than 50 premium interiors
Soulmate designers — understanding at a glance
We use materials with special processing: wood, plaster, paint, decor. All so that you can get away from the typical Thai white walls and tiles. Interior and renovation that will not have to be updated in 2 years
The materials will withstand an aggressive climate
Yerevan, 82 м²
The apartment is designed in a modern style with elements of minimalism. Calm muted colors. Light natural shades: beige, gray, dark brown and graphite colors for accents. The wooden surfaces also go into the gray scale. In such an interior, the soul and consciousness rest, at the same time, it will not be difficult to tune into the working mood of freelancing. We have worked out the ergonomics so that there are places for cooking, family dinner, relaxation. The space reveals its potential through hidden drawers and cabinets: without forcing the interior with unnecessary furniture, we create a lot of storage jobs.
Porto, 92 м²
Dark noble interior. It is modern and functional: the needs of the owners here are calculated down to the daily routes through the rooms and routine habits. An apartment in which you can enjoy a stylish minimalist environment. Track lights create variation: choose a light scenario to suit your mood or occasion. You can either fill the room with invigorating light or immerse it in intimate semi-darkness. All surfaces are simple, practical and easy to clean: it will be easy to maintain the gloss of the interior, and it will take almost no time for a busy hostess to do this. The furniture combines its soft and laconic lines with the overall restraint of the interior.
Madrid, 178 м²
The interior of a country house where the family usually spends the weekend. The style of the house is modern, bright, as warm as possible, a lot of natural textures (wood, stone), a lot of light. The windows were enlarged, which gave our interior more illuminated space and created unity with the nature of the countryside landscape around the house. The rooms are distinguished by dominant shades, but harmoniously combined through a natural color scheme. Muted shades and natural materials look expensive, but do not deprive living areas of comfort. Track lighting is a universal and variable solution that allows you to transform rooms according to the mood of the owner.
Lisbon, 116 м²
Gold elements, light textiles, and light shades create an atmosphere of sophistication and intelligence. The interior of the apartment in a light color scheme became more expressive and dynamic after filling with contrasting furniture. The shade is noble, but not heavy and cold. The kitchen and living room are combined, which increases the space and creates additional functionality for the hostess. The cabinets are equipped with backlight, which makes them part of the lighting ensemble and a storage place at the same time.
Rome, 160 м²
The project is for a family of 5 people: two adults and three children. The apartment already had a finish from the developer and built interior walls, but during the design process we decided to slightly change the layout proposed by the developer. So we have a niche for built-in appliances and a refrigerator. We designed the kitchen with a recessed countertop, which allowed us to increase the storage and cooking space. The children's rooms turned out to be very modern and will be relevant even after a decent amount of time. The master bedroom is more gentle and warm. A large double bed with a banquette, an area with armchairs and a TV, a cosmetic table with a large mirror and additional lighting.
Moscow, 196 м²
A modern apartment for a young couple. A warm, warming interior. The layout includes children's rooms of different styles, common areas. Modern style, harmonious color combinations: white is taken as the basis, and bright accents both zone the space and enliven it, add colors and sparks. Lighting scenarios significantly change the interior: with a minimum number of sconces and ceiling lights, we have achieved a noticeable change in the atmosphere. The simple lines of the furniture make the space easier.
Saint-Petersburg, 251 м²
Modern, elegant, light. We have worked out the layout so as to take into account the daily movements and routine affairs of each of the family members – this frees up the head and makes the house a place of rest. And the eye relaxes through the light shades and iridescence of crystal elements. There are several lighting scenarios for each room, so you can change the atmosphere by clicking the remote control or switch. The neoclassical interior is seasoned, but not boring.
Milan, 366 м²
We have created a modern interior with neutral shades and accents in the form of natural wood. Grey marble, sparks from the fireplace and voluminous upholstered furniture. The interior is noble, but not cold. Conciseness, comfort, moderation through precisely placed accents and compositional solutions. Each room has its own prevailing shades and variations of decor, lighting, but all together it sounds like a harmonious style ensemble.
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Get sketches of the future interior after the first meeting
We will hold a meeting within 3 days, select an approach, calculate the cost of the project
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Мы индивидуально рассчитываем высоту шкафчиков, стола, посадку в кресле, места хранения и т. д, изготавливая мебель под персональные параметры, такие как рост, вес, длина ног, особенности фигуры.
If, for example, the husband falls asleep early and the wife falls asleep late, we work out personal lighting for everyone, including the scenario "I want to leave the room without waking anyone with a bright light."
We study the preferences, lifestyle and needs of all family members
We develop up to 15
lighting scenarios based on your habits
Помимо функциональности и визуальной эстетики, мы продумываем качественную эргономику, основанную на ваших поведенческих привычках.
Делаем проходы между мебелью шириной не меньше 0,7-1 метра. В гардеробной и интерьерах для пожилых людей – не менее 1 метра. Также мы планируем скрытые и открытые места хранения в зависимости от частоты использования различных вещей.
We select materials that can withstand high temperatures and direct sunlight. We find options with moisture-resistant treatment and increased waterproofing So that the repair does not fail after a year.
We use the laws of ergonomics in projects
We use moisture-resistant and durable materials that create a comfortable environment

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  • We follow the trends and novelties in Europe — we take the best into work
    Сотрудники посещают выставки материалов, техники, мебели в Испании, Италии, Великобритании и Марокко.
  • Creating a single list of furniture and finishing materials

    We adjust the list without restrictions until it suits you visually, qualitatively and economically.
  • We select it without templates and it is available for implementation
    A "homely" atmosphere, high-tech or exotic – we select the list of equipment "in tone" up to the door handles And be sure so that you can find them and make repairs according to the project.
  • We will stay in touch after the completion of the work
    We will take a "tour" of the new interior and tell you how to use it. We leave a list of suppliers in case you need to buy something.
  • We develop the arrangement of a grill, furniture by the pool or in a covered gazebo, a place for sunbathing. Let's take into account your favorite recreation areas for the whole family and for everyone individually.

  • We use stylistic techniques that will create harmony between the exterior and interior. We will select the plants and their seating arrangements. We will think over the layout of the courtyard: everything for reading, socializing, relaxing, taking into account. Let's create a gazebo design that is organic to the style of the house.

  • Let's think over the functionality and lighting: where to put the grill, where to make a canopy and place a chaise longue, a coffee table, which lamp to choose and how to position it for convenient connection and sufficient alignment.
Systems that withstand heat, humidity and ensure your comfort
Air conditioning
and ventilation
We will take into account the ceiling height, budget, layout and ergonomics of the family for the selection of the system. Let's think over an aesthetic, inconspicuous and silent option.
Electrical projects
and lighting
We are working on the wiring diagram for electric points, sockets, and switches. Sockets are prescribed in drawings up to a millimeter. We think over lighting scenarios.
Smart home
and household appliances
Let's think about ergonomics: what devices everyone in the family uses, in which room and how often. We are laying a network reserve for new equipment. Let's connect a smart home with your set of functions.
We install low-current systems, ventilation, electrics and water supply systems. We provide energy saving technologies, climate control and "smart" home management. We coordinate the work plan with the municipal authorities and neighbors.
Own repair and construction department: engineers, designers, foremen and craftsmen. The experience of employees in Thailand is at least 10 years. We have registration, official permission for repair work and other necessary documents.
Premium repair work and technical supervision
We are able to work with color solutions, engineering systems, lighting scenarios. We interact with all interior styles and know how to mix them. We design and implement a home office, cinema, dressing room, children's rooms, relaxation areas, etc.
Foremen with experience
in styles from modern to boho
We offer several formats and designers with varying degrees of remoteness and involvement of the customer. The interior can become a creative process with frequent feedback or a process that does not touch your schedule
We select a tariff that will free up your time as much as possible
We design and implement engineering systems of any complexity
  • We raise business revenue to 30%. We analyze the target audience and apply marketing principles to increase attendance and average receipt.

  • We use the laws of ergonomics to stimulate employee productivity and visitor comfort. We individually select the lighting scheme, color palette, materials and furniture.

  • We are planning evacuation exits and fire safety. We create and coordinate working documentation.

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  • Ультрареалистичные 3D-визуализации всех помещений.
  • Подбор материалов, включая 8 выездов дизайнера в шоурумы и магазины материалов.
  • Более 30 строительных чертежей и планов — подходят для бригад любого уровня.
  • Нет ограничений доработок: планировок и перечня материалов.
  • Еженедельная онлайн-отчетность.
  • Детальный расчет ремонта.
  • Ультрареалистичные 3D-визуализации всех помещений.
  • Подбор материалов, включая 8 выездов дизайнера в шоурумы и магазины материалов.
  • Более 30 строительных чертежей и планов — подходят для бригад любого уровня.
  • Нет ограничений доработок: планировок и перечня материалов.
  • Еженедельная онлайн-отчетность.
  • Детальный расчет ремонта.
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